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Get a Professional and Appealing New Look for Your Business or Organization


Professional Design of Books, Brochures, Business Cards, and Webiste or Social Media Ads


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Experienced Retouching, Repair, or Manipulation to help your Images and Ideas Come to Life


Intro Screens, Commercials, Titles, and Special Effects to make your Video Shine

My name is Christopher Harris and I am the Owner and Lead Designer of Chriswerx. I have been operating as a Freelance Designer based in Southwest Missouri since 2011.
I have a degree in Graphic Design Technology, and during my time in school also Minored in Electronic Media Production.

As with many designers these days I have experience in many fields of media production. Although most of my recent work has been designing marketing media (brochures, mailers, advertisements, billboards, etc.) and promotional items (apparel and branded items). I also have work experience with video editing, special effects, motion graphics, photography, and digital painting. I am confident that no matter your project Chriswerx can help you bring it to a reality!

I have worked with many local, regional, and national businesses since opening including: charities, schools, restaurants, entertainment chains, marketing firms, production companies, wholesale & retail providers, real estate, architecture, and financial institutions. If you are in need of a Graphic Design or Media Artist I would be thrilled to discuss your needs!

Why Should You Hire a Freelance Designer?

Professionally designed media and marketing materials can add an extra dose of sophistication and credibility to your business. Modern audiences have been conditioned to quickly recognize the difference between a professionally designed item and an non-professional piece.

There is a lot to know when creating media: design flow, target audience, readability, color harmony, spacing, fonts combinations, copyright licensing, etc. When you add to that specifications such as print bleeds, color space, and industry standard dimensions or file types (when working with print and web media) it’s enough to make your head spin if you aren’t familiar with it all! That’s where an experienced designer can be indispensable for you.

It can be very expensive to hire a full-time designer. A seasoned and talented designer starts in the range of $30,000/year in the Southwest Missouri area. If you only need occasional or seasonal work, that can be a major hit to your bottom line and money that could be better use elsewhere.

By hiring a freelance designer such as Chriswerx , you only are invoiced for time spent on a project. Even with contracting designs on a semi-regular basis, you can potentially save thousands of dollars per year. Not only can you save money, you also have access to a designer that has experience in many desirable design arenas that you may not be familiar with, thereby expanding you options and supplementing your ideas with new and fresh material.

Advertisement Designs

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Photo Manipulations

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Logo Designs

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